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    Graber-Olive HouseGraber-Olive House Ontario, California olive vats
    this house contains the oldest olive packer in the nation, that began in 1894, after two years of planting olive trees in Ontario, California. C. C. Graber would start selling vat cured olives from his huge vats and has become a historical sit. These outstanding olives are meaty with a splendid nutlike flavor that has "grabbed" the tummies and taste buds of many Americans that enjoy and demand the finest fully ripened olives that have been preserved by the excellent selection and careful processing that uses only completely tree-ripened fruit. It is because of their excellent taste that the Graber olive has grown to become one of the most popular hors d'oeuvre and gourmet's delight. Graber olives are encouraged to ripen on the tree to a beautiful cherry red color that says, "I'm ready" and are then chosen specifically for processing by the experienced pickers. Their California black olives are labeled "ripe olives" and are picked from the trees while they are still firm and green and in the curing process they are oxidized to become a uniform black color. Connoisseurs of these excellent olives have the Franciscan missionaries to thank for bringing these outstanding fruits to the region and planted them at the Mission San Diego de Alcala in 1769.

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    Museum of History and Art, OntarioMuseum of History and Art, Ontario, California
    this outstanding museum collects and has collected objects that pertain to the history of the region and Ontario, California from the Native American period to today and houses both permanent and temporary exhibits. In the south wing there are two interpretive displays that concentrate on the local and regional history of the area and they are; Road Ways and Gem of the Foothills. The temporary or changing displays are showcased in the north wing galleries and currently include; Humanitas: Images of India by Fredric Roberts and runs to next week on the 11th of April, 2011. Road Ways is an interpretive humanities based display that looks at the impact that roads have had on the American lifestyles and culture, beginning with our enormous fascination with traveling the open road. Their Gem of the Foothills looks at the special history of the city, that includes its founding, people, organizations and transitions.

April 6, 2011