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    Vallarta ZooVallarta Zoo Puerta Vallarta, Mexico
    imagine a zoo located in a lush green jungle environment, with all the exotic animals that you would expect to see as you walked through this jungle setting, including white tigers, squirrel monkeys, bright and colorful flamingos, lions, jaguars and the majestic black panther. The setting is located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in a very exotic location outside the city, right in the heart of a jungle, with many natural tropical settings and enclosures for the captive animals that look as if they were just out for an afternoon walk like you and your family. There are over 400 species of animals, birds and reptiles, with over half of them indigenous to the country. The beautiful jaguars that slink along keeping one eye on you, as they find a quiet and hidden spot to watch you as you walk by, pumas, coyotes, ocelots, coatimundis and tlacuaches, as well as crocodiles and iguanas. This zoo also has an excellent restaurant that provides many outstanding Mexican dishes and snacks to help you enjoy your day in the wild.

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    Casa KimberlyCasa Kimberley Puerta Vallarta, Mexico
    long before Puerto Vallarta, Mexico was on the map, when it was still just a quiet port town with some 10,000 residents, a young fellow by the name of Richard Burton came here with John Houston and Ava Gardner to begin filming a story called the Night of the Iguana that had been written by Tennessee Williams, and during the filming, Burton would bring his soon to be wife, Elizabeth Taylor to the quiet town so that they could have some privacy, without the prying eyes of the paparazzi that had followed them every where they went back in the United States. Burton purchased the Casa Kimberley, in the middle of the old part of town, for Liz's 34th birthday, and she would continue to own it through two of her marriages and some ten years after Burton passed on in the early 1990s. Rumor has it that Liz couldn't spend the night here without feeling strange, since Burton wasn't around anymore to talk or reminisce about the old days here, and she stopped coming to the house after Burton died. When Liz sold off the property in the 90s, she left everything the way it had been, with her old clothes still hanging in the closet, magazines on the coffee table, a heart shaped bathtub, and the photographs, that anyone would want for posterity and history, about the most publicized romance in the 20th century; it was as if she left all that behind, the memories might stay there as well, but we'll never know. The couple that purchased it would convert it into a bed and breakfast, with each of the guest rooms named after a Taylor or Burton movie, while the remainder was kept as a kind of memorializing museum.  The house was actually two houses, with one for Liz and one for Richard, with a gorgeous bridge spanning the space between them, giving them both a little extra room for any problems that might arise.

April 7, 2011