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    National Museum of IcelandNational Museum of Iceland Reykjavik, Iceland
    this national museum would be started in 1863, but was kept in Danish museums and then, later in the attics of various buildings in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, until 1950, when it was moved here to its permanent location. The museum would have its original name changed to the Antiquarian Collection until 1911, and then it would be kept in the National Library's attic until 1950. Today, their main permanent exhibit is called the Making of a Nation-Heritage and History in Iceland, that provides some insight into the history of this great nation from its earliest history of settlement to the current day. The exhibition contains some 2000 objects that date from its settlement to the present day, along with 1000 photographs from the 20th century. It has been conceived as a journey through time, starting out with the ship that brought the first settlers here to a new land and new home, and ending with the fabulous new airport that brings visitors to this frozen tundra in the Atlantic Ocean.

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    Saga MuseumSaga Museum Reykjavik, Iceland
    this exciting and informative museum takes you back to the early days of the Viking age and raises to life the well known figures and significant events that created Iceland, situated in Reykjavik, Iceland, the capital and largest city in the island. It houses 17 excellent exhibits from the Icelandic sagas that begin with Iceland in the Making, then Papar-the first inhabitants, Hrafna-Floki which was the exodus from Norway, Ingolfu Arnarson who was the first Icelander, Skalla-Grimur og Egill-True Icelanders?, Celts in Iceland, Leifur Heppni-vinland, Freydis Eiriksdottir- Heroine or ogress?, Porbjorg litilvolva-can she see the future?, The Conversion to Christianity in 1000 AD., the Alpingi, Gudmundur gooi-benefactor of the people, Snorri Sturluson-a poet and politician, the Battle at Orlygsstadir-a turning point in the power struggle, the black death, the first Icelandic martyr-Sister Katrin, the Reformation-Jon Arason and his sons beheaded, the shop at the museum. This adventure is a real explorer's dream, strolling through this modern museum, yet stopping for moments or hours to view the various exhibits that look so lifelike that you forget they are just figures created for these scenes. The exhibits begin with the first visitors to this cold environment to the day when the Icelandic people would cloth themselves in the Lutheran Christianity forever.

April 7, 2011