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    Cacti MundoCactimundo San Jose del Cabo, Mexico
    Cactimundo is San Jose del Cabo's eclectic botanical garden that is dedicated to the cultivation, promotion, conservation and reproduction of Mexican desert plants, along with the outstanding collection of other exotic species from around the world, but the majority of the plants are cacti. This is Latin America's biggest and most significant collection of cacti and succulents, that include many endangered species that were almost extinct in their former natural habitats, and many that have never been exhibited to the public. This setting is unique in terms of architectural design and plant display, that all add to the beauty and charisma of these hardy plants that offer a marvelous educational experience. Cactimundo, is also a leading company that deals with cacti in Latin America and was started two decades ago to promote, conserve and reproduce these desert plants and other species from around the world along with many endangered species that had almost become extinct in their own environments. Ever since its founding, the company has dedicated itself to the conservation of cacti and succulents, while operating under the strictest ecological guidelines and regulations using the highest ethics. They offer gardening classes for free, and anyone that is looking for that perfect complement to their garden can get the best advice from their professional and experience gardeners.

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    Glass Bottom Boat TourGlass Bottom Boat Tours San Jose del Cabo, Mexico
    one of the most favorite tours in the city of San Jose del Cabo, Mexico is the glass-bottom boat tour that takes tourists to the end of the peninsula to see the famous Los Cabos arch that is a natural rock formation that has thrilled thousands of visitors to these beautiful waters, all in a glass bottom boat. This boat provides you with your own window into the water, with millions of marine wildlife and many magnificent sights like, Pelican Rock, Lover's Beach, the Pacific Window, Land's End, the Pacific Side, Neptune's Finger and Divorce Beach. The tours generally run about ninety minutes and usually will have a bilingual tour guide so you shouldn't have much problem understanding them. It is one of the most fascinating tours offered in the region, giving you more sights from a perfectly relaxed and enjoyable position. On some of the glass bottom boat tours, they'll offer you an opportunity to rent snorkeling equipment so you can wander underneath the water, enjoying some of the finest coral reef areas in the world. It is a great way to visit the area, and enjoy the many beautiful scenes below the water that aren't ordinarily seen by the usual tourist guides or routes.

April 7, 2011