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    St. Maarten MuseumSt. Maarten Museum Philipsburg, St. Maarten
    the museum is located on the second floor with exhibitions that show the island's rich and varied unique historical, geological and natural heritage of the Bi-national island in Philipsburg, St. Maarten, with an Amerindian pirogue marking the entrance to the museum that contains many outstanding exhibits like the Artifacts of Arawaks, showcasing the outstanding archaeological discoveries the date from 500 to 600 AD. and include tools, pottery fragments, shells and zemis. The Arawaks were Amerindians that came from the Orinoco basin in Venezuela and would wander around the islands of the Caribbean in canoes, called pirogues, like the one that brought your attention to the entrance. Another is Fort Amsterdam that had been constructed by the first Dutch settlers in 1631, and became very significant to them since it had many expansive salt ponds that would give them salt for various reasons. Another display depicts the long struggle that the Spanish, English and Dutch had trying to get ownership of this island, and they would leave a lot of evidence of their time spent here with utensils, weapons, relics and many interesting and marvelous objects that have been excavated from the Fort Amsterdam site and others, that are now showcased in this museum.

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    St. Maarten ZooSt. Maarten Zoo Philpsburg, St. Maarten
    the St. Maarten zoo is the biggest zoo in the Caribbean with hundreds of animals, birds and reptiles enclosed in a tropical garden with the biggest playground on the island. It is located near Philipsburg, across from the Salt Pond, where you are sure to meet some very interesting critters. They house monkeys, macaws, parrots and toucans, with a bat house, petting zoo area and reptile house. They also have several local species that include; the red-footed tortoise, the green iguana and the Anguilla Bank amieva, with numerous birds and other animals coming here from the wild to see what is going on. Other strange animals include the gaiman, that looks like a crocodile, but isn't, its a gaiman; capybara, bats, colorful parrots, baboons, raccoon, ostriches and ocelots. It is a marvelous place, with friendly animals and keepers that strive to make your visit the best one in the islands.

April 7, 2011