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Save up to $30 off a weekly rental
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Winter Break special - No age fee 21-24

Reserve and Conserve is how Hertz feels about efficient car rentals, Hertz encourages customers to rent a car from the Hertz Green Collection on their next rental. By doing this you are automatically qualified to take advantage of our most environmentally friendly and fuel efficient range of vehicles which are top of the line vehicles that are equipped with the latest technology that makes them the best bang for your buck.

With the environment in mind Hertz has made a lot of changes to its fleet to make sure it fits a safe standard for the environment. All of the cars from the Hertz Green Collection offer a variety of features that set them apart form rental cars from any other company one of the major features is that the CO2 output level is less than 140g/km which makes each car in the fleet a lot more environmentally friendly than most other cars. Hertz is already ahead of the game with this change seeing as the current CO2 level that the cars are at is already below the voluntary levels set by the EU for the European Automobile Manufacturers Association.

The best part about renting from Hertz’ green collection is the savings keep coming in! The cars in the Hertz Green Collection achieve 45-65mpg depending upon vehicle size this feature alone saves the consumer money and time by saving them trips to the gas station to constantly fill up. The efficiency on Hertz’ vehicles means you can enjoy your journey even more whether your going on a nice relaxing vacation or an intense business trip, you’ll have in your mind the knowledge that you're saving along the way.

Hertz Green Car Rentals
Hertz has a special guarantee for their Green Collection cars making sure the car you book is the one you'll be driving away in- everything from the make and model that you select from the reservation page will be recorded and you will pick it up with ease. No matter what part of the world you’re in you can help save the environment, Hertz has also expanded its line of Green cars to Europe as well.

From the time you begin your reservation to the minute you return your car Hertz has it set up to where you will travel while as relaxed as possible, you are guaranteed the car you choose and once you get it the savings will just start rolling in. On top of the monetary value of renting a car you will also live guilt free knowing you did something to help save the environment by using a Hertz Green Rental Car.

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May 9, 2011