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The environment is changing right before our eyes and National Car Rentals has noticed this change and instead of ignoring it they have made changes. National Rental Car is a part of the largest rental car company in North America which maximizes its impact on the environment more than you would think. By using 5 signature techniques to preserve the environment:

National Green Car Rentals

Research: Funding the Search for Renewable Fuels
National Rental Car has contributed to the large sum of $25 Million dollars that has been granted to research companies to find a better alternative to non-renewable resources. If research continues this company may help find the source to fuel that is cheap without negatively impacting our environment.

national rental carMost Fuel-efficient Fleet
Joining a fleet of its partners most of the cars at National Car Rental receive more than 28 miles per gallon! Not only will this save the environment by reducing the use of fuel it will also save the consumer more money and time by saving them trips to the gas pumps like most people do.

Renting a Green Car

Carbon Offset Program
Giving guests the option to pay an extra $1.25 per rental, National is helping remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere little by little. Along with partners National expects to remove up to 30 million pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in turn this project would reduce greenhouse gasses and lessen effects of global warming.

Embracing, New, Clean Technology
Implementing their vehicles with the new FuelFlex technology National Car Rental has been saving money and fuel since it first started, this program uses vehicles that burn less gas while making the best out of ethanol. Those two methods save consumers money and save the environment from harmful gases.

50 Million Tree Agreement
Along with many partners National Car Rental will donate funds and work closely to plant 50 million trees to replace trees that have been damaged my natural causes. National will pitch in and help plant a million trees every year for the next 50 years in National Parks in the United States and around the world.

National is becoming a much respected company for its efforts to preserve the environment. Not only will its acts and programs help the environment they will ensure a bright future for National Car Rental as well as the many generations to come, so if you’re looking for green rental cars, national is the place you want to be!

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