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  • Crazy Horse MemorialCrazy Horse Memorial South Dakota
    This memorial to the chief of the Oglala Lakota is being carved out of the Thunderhead Mountain about 8 miles away from Mount Rushmore.  The Lakota consider the area to be sacred and since the monument at Rushmore is on their sacred mountains, they thought that they should have one also.  Besides the carving, the Indian Museum of North America and the Native American Cultural Center are located here.  It is located between Custer and Hill City and the finished dimensions have it being 641 feet wide and 563 feet high with Crazy Horse riding a horse and pointing out onto the plains.  The head of the chief will be 87 feet high in comparison to the 60 foot high Presidents heads.  It was started in 1948 and when it is finished, it will be the biggest in the world.  Sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski started the carving after having worked with Gutzom Borglum, and had gotten a letter from Chief Henry Standing Bear that said the red man had heroes also.  It receives no federal funds or state money, and the sculptor received offers from the government but refused them.  The whole complex is owned and funded by the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation which sponsors cultural events and educational programs related to the Native American lifestyle and in June each year, they host a Volksmarch allowing visitors into the mountain area.  More that one million people come to the area each year and help with the funds for the memorial, as well as visitor fees.  A huge container of rocks from the memorial is free for people to take, as long as they will contribute something.  Crazy  Horse didn't like being photographed and no one knows where his burial site is.  So, the sculptor saw the memorial as a metaphoric tribute to the chief and the Native American.

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  • Pettigrew House and Museum Pettigrew House and Museum Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    Richard Franklin Pettigrew was the first Senator from South Dakota after it became a state, and also a surveyor and land developer in the city of Sioux Falls.  He was born in Ludlow, Vermont and moved to Wisconsin in 1854, with his family.  Studying law in Iowa, he joined the law department of the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1867, then moved to Dakota in 1869, working with the U.S. deputy surveyor.  Richard finally settled in Sioux Falls, started a law practice, continued surveying and buying real estate.  He was elected to the Territorial Council in 1881, as a Republican and went to the U.S. House of Representatives in the same year.  Unable to be re-elected, he returned to the council and was there until 1889.  When the territory became a state, he was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1889, and remained one until 1900.  After he left the senate, he went to New York City to practice law, but went back to Sioux Falls and was busy with politics and business until he passed away in 1926.  Richard left his home to the city, which it still maintains today and the museum is used to show how people in his position lived at the turn of the century.  The home contains many antiques of that era, plus many of Pettigrew's personal artifacts that he collected.  He was an amateur archaeologist and much of his personal collection reflects that area.  Some of his quote's include; "capital is stolen labor and its only function is to steal more labor"; "under the ethics of his profession the lawyer is the only man who can take a bribe and call it a fee"; the sum and substance of the conquest of the Philippines is to find a field where cheap labor can be secured, labor that does not strike, that does not belong to a union, that does not need an army to keep it in leading strings, that will make goods for the trusts of this country".

March 14, 2011