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  • Fort Bridger State Historic SiteFort Bridger State Historic Site Fort Bridger, Wyoming
    Fort Bridger would be constructed as a fur trading outpost on Black Forks of the Green River, in what would grow into Fort Bridger, Wyoming, in 1842, and eventually become a significant supply stop for wagon trains going on the Mormon Trail, the Oregon Trail and the California Trail. In 1858, the army would build a military post there during the Utah War, and close in 1890. Then, a small town would begin near the fort, getting its name from it, and is still there. The post had been started by famous mountain man, Jim Bridger and Louis Vasquez. As the Mormons began arriving in the area, in 1847, there would arise a dispute between Jim and the Mormons since he had been selling guns and alcohol to the local Indians, which was a serious violation of the Federal Laws. In 1853, the Mormons sent a militia of their citizens to arrest him, but Jim would escape to the east. Close by the fort, the Mormons would construct their own Fort Supply that year, and in 1855, they would take over Fort Bridger, supposedly purchasing it from Bridger for $8000 in gold coins. Bridger claimed that they didn't, but the Mormons said that they had purchased it from Vasquez. It is a very interesting story and one that will be better explained when you visit the fort, and there is quite a bit more to that story that would eventually lead into the Utah War between the Mormons and the United States and their cavalry that was sent there to replace Brigham Young as the governor and establish an official army post at Fort Bridger.

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  • Wyoming State MuseumWyoming State Museum Cheyenne, Wyoming
    The Wyoming State Museum in Cheyenne, Wyoming is run by the state and has become a repository for anything that pertains to the history of the state and includes Native Americans, art, cultural heritage, history, pioneers, natural history and fossils. There are marvelous permanent exhibits that house dinosaur fossils, coal, the human impact on the state's wildlife, Wyoming settlement and other state related materials. Other permanent displays include; Wyoming's story, with a copy of the original act that granted women the right to vote; a wonderful wildlife diorama called the Wild Bunch and includes a buffalo head that had been the monarch of the plains, Swamped with coal, Hands-on History Room, R. I. P. - Rex in pieces that showcases the state's dinosaur graveyard; Barber gallery, Drawn to this Land, a vintage Lincoln highway marker, the Battleship USS Wyoming's silver service set, Living in Wyoming and Cheyenne Indians catcher's mitt and uniform. The museum was started in 1895, and has been collecting, preserving and interpreting a diversity of relics for usage in the state museum and other historic sites and have become representative of the life in the state from prehistoric times to today. The kinds of relics collected and preserved include; structures, packages and containers, building furnishings, societal relics, personal relics, recreational relics, tools and equipment, art, transportation relics, archaeology, natural history and ethnographic relics.

March 08, 2011