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    Galeria Olinala Galeria Olinala Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
    the gallery is well known for its showcasing of Mexican tribal artworks that have been created by local artists that are continuing a long tradition of Huichol artistry. Their magnificent beadwork has always been a popular gift both for personal use and gifts for friends or family, as well as the many tribal masks shown. This gallery not only showcases the finest tribal artworks created, but also sells it to keep the artisans in business and working. Many visitors to the area come here just to purchase these beautiful works and it is a great place to learn more about the culture and history of this great people.

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    El Faro Lighthouse El Faro Lighthouse Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
    Mazatlan's Lighthouse or el faro was built in the late 1870s and was shining brightly by 1879, with the lamp handcrafted in Paris, France, and a large oil lamp with mirrors and Fresnel lens to enhance the light as it shone out towards the ocean and warning ships about the shoreline. The light didn't move at all, and would cause many to believe that it was a star instead of a lighthouse, but in 1905, they would convert to a moving lamp, and now, armed with a 1000 watt bulb it can be seen up to thirty miles away. Along the shoreline and near the lighthouse, the famous divers would perform off the high cliffs for tourists by diving into the ocean for tips that would delight the on looking tourists. It has become a favorite spot to watch divers at night and enjoy drinks at the numerous bars located there. The lighthouse is a great place to visit since it offers excellent views of the surrounding countryside and shoreline.

January 5, 2014