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    Alcazar de ColonAlcazar de Colon Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    The Alcazar de Colon or Columbus Alcazar can be seen in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, is the oldest viceregal residence in the Americas, and is now part of the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo World Heritage Site. The structure contains the Museo Alcazar de Diego Colon, whose collection showcases the Caribbean's most significant ensemble of European medieval and renaissance works of art, and were obtained in the 1950s. Their tapestry collection that dates to the 15th to 17th centuries, is both significant and unique in the Caribbean and contains pieces that were produced by the Flemish Van Den Hecke family from cartouches that had been previously done by Charles Le Brun. This is the most visited museum in the country, sitting in a very impressive palace that was built using coralline blocks that had held fifty rooms and many gardens and courtyards; even though it is just half the size it previously was. The magnificent building was constructed by Diego Colon, the son of Christopher Columbus, after he had become the Viceroy of La Espanola and the Indies in 1509, ordering the construction of a family house and governor's mansion between 1510 and 1512. In the early Spanish period, the palace would be occupied by a very significant place in history, since numerous expeditions of exploration and conquest were planned. The palace was ransacked by Sir Francis Drake in 1586 and his troops, and as the influence of the island began to wane, the house would fall into disrepair and by the mid-18th century, it would be abandoned and in great danger of rotting away. Between 1955 and 1957, it would be saved and completely renovated.

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    Cathedral of Santo DomingoCathedral of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    The Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic is the oldest cathedral in the Americas, starting the construction in 1514 and finishing the church in 1570. It fronted with a golden-tinted coral limestone facade, and combines the elements of baroque and gothic designs with some elegant platersque styles that is showcased by the high altar that is chiseled out of silver. There is an outstanding art collection located here of ancient woodcarvings, jewelry, silver, furnishings and funerary monuments. There are a number of historians that believe the remains of a person that had rested in the cathedral before being taken away to the Columbus Lighthouse had been the actual remains of Christopher Columbus himself.

January 12, 2014