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    St. Maarten MuseumSt. Maarten Museum St. Maarten
    The St. Maarten National Heritage Foundation and Museum was started in 1973 to promote, preserve and study all aspects of the culture, history and natural environment of the island and its surroundings and strives to organize, explore, affiliate and give to the community and our visitors all the island has to offer. Exhibitions include; geology, pre-Columbian, plantation period, flora and fauna, Fort Amsterdam, salt industry, HMS Proselyte, slavery and emancipation, Hurricane Luis, national heroes and migration period. Their history begins with the arrival of the Arawaks, the first humans to come and live on the island, coming here from the Orinoco basin in Venezuela, and archaeological discoveries place their arrival sometime between 600 to 1200 AD, and would live by fishing and harvesting the wild fruits that grow here. The early humans would use shells and stones as tools, and for transportation between the islands, they used canoes they made, but were called pirogues. Their housing would be temporary settlements or permanent housing in villages like the Hope Estate on the French side and temporary quarters like those at Cupecoy on the Dutch side. These Amerindians were very spiritual people that believed in the power of supernatural beings that surrounded them at all times.

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    St. Maarten ZooSt. Maarten Zoo St. Maarten
    The St. Maarten Zoo is very different from the zoos in the United States, since they house only animals from the tropics, now at more than 200, with many endangered and some quite rare. It is located east of downtown Philipsburg, the zoo is open every day and has a marvelous playground for the kids. The zoo has been open for more than twenty years now and is a great example of community involvement since it is one of the few zoos in the Caribbean region and the biggest. Some of the beautiful animals include the red-footed tortoise, green iguana and Anguilla Bank amieva. Others include crocodiles, parrots of all the rainbow colors, monkeys, macaw, toucans, capybara, raccoons, ocelot, reptiles, bats and rheas.

January 12, 2014