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Things to do in Cincinnati

  • Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens  Cincinnati Zoo
    This number one family attraction is famed for having white Bengal Tigers & Gorillas...  The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens is a great place to spend the day when you are visiting Cincinnati.  The Cincinnati Zoo is rated the #1 attraction in Cincinnati, and is one of the top ranked zoos in the nation.  The Zoo & Botanical Gardens welcomes over one-million visitors each year anxious to see award-winning exhibits.  There is plenty to see & learn about at the Zoo, in addition to all of the animal exhibits visitors will also enjoy the 4D Special FX Theater, Meet a-Zookeeper, Feeding Stations, Great American Wings of Wonder Bird Show, Cheetah Encounter, shopping & dinning and much more.   As you wander through the Zoo & Gardens you will be treated to amazing animal exhibits, the Cincinnati Zoo showcases an extremely large selection of  animal exhibits a few popular favorites include; Spaulding Children's Zoo-is a favorite spot for the little visitors they can pet friendly & very curious animals, feed goats, howl with the wolves and climb on a large spider web.  The Spaulding Lorikeet Landing- is the perfect place to feed Lorikeets and experience them landing on your head, shoulders or arms what a unique experience.   Wings of  the World- is fun & exciting visitors can see King Penguins, Hornbills, Rhinoceros and many other winged wonders.   Tiger Canyon-  Offers visitors great viewing of Tigers & Cheetahs.  Gorilla World- this popular favorite exhibit draws hundreds of visitors curious to see their world.  Giraffe Ridge- is home to a herd of Giraffe here visitors can get up close and even feed snacks to the Giraffe.  If Polar Bears are your favorite animal head over to Kroger Lords of the Arctic- here you could come face-to-face with giant polar bears.  Have you ever seen an Elephant get a bath? if you answered no you might want to visit the Elephant Reserve- the Asian Elephants live here and if the timing is just right you will witness them getting a bath.  Experience a piece of Florida wildlife at Manatee Springs- you will discover many interesting animals including the Manatee & American Alligator.  For those visitors wanting a hair raising experience visit the Reptile House- experience all sorts of scaly critters such as the Burmese Python, King Cobra and many others.  The Zoo also features several other amazing animal exhibits...
    Before you leave for the day, be sure to visit the beautiful Botanical Gardens.  Visitors can enjoy a self-guided tour of the gardens here you will see rare & beautiful plant species, historic trees, scenic landscape vistas and native plants.  Gardens & Plants Exhibits- is like taking a walk through; Tropical Rainforests, African Savanna, Arctic Tundra, Florida Swamps and native Eastern American woodlands.  The Gardens feature over 3,000 kinds of plants along with bright vivid spring flowers, specialty Gardens, 80,000 tulips and thousands of flowering trees.  Come and experience the finest horticultural display gardens in the country.

Thrifty Car Rental Cincinnati, Ohio

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  • National Underground Railroad Freedom Center    National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Cincinnati
    Is a unique Museum which traces the story of slaves that began the road  to freedom by crossing the Ohio River near Cincinnati.  The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is a 158,000 square feet Museum with a centerpiece of an authentic slave pen that was once used to house slaves prior to an auction.   This salve pen was moved from a farm in Kentucky.  The Freedom Center offers visitors unique exhibits, illuminating and inspiring experiences.  Exhibits at Freedom Center include; Brothers of the Borderland- is a short, twenty-five minute film narrated by Oprah Winfrey who introduces historical figures John Parker & Rev. John Rankin, abolitionists in Ripley, OH.  Visitors will be in the center of a thrilling fight to freedom, displaying courage as John Parker & Rev. John Rankin aided a woman who was risking all to be free from slavery.  The theater creates a natural environment complete with fog rising from the river & crickets chirping.  The Slave Pen exhibit- was built during the early 1800's and was recovered from a farm in Kentucky.  This pen was used as a holding pen by Kentucky slave trader, Captain John W. Anderson, to temporarily keep the enslaved people from moving further South for sale.  From Slavery to Freedom- this exhibit portrays centuries of slavery, who was enslaved, why they were brought here, how they lived & worked and ultimately how they became free....  Other permanent exhibits include; Escape, The Struggle Continues, Everyday Freedom Heroes, Suite for Freedom and Reflect, Respond and Resolve. 
    During the 1800's, more than 100,000 enslaved people sought freedom through the Underground Railroad.  These were routes enslaved Black Americans used to gain freedom as they traveled sometimes as far as Mexico and Canada.  Discover your family's story at the Family Search Center in the John Parker Library.  The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is located in Downtown Cincinnati.  This unique Museum tells the story of the struggle for freedom in the United States, expressed through a variety of exhibits & special programs that focus on America's battle to rid itself of slavery and to treat all citizens with respect & dignity.

January 11, 2011