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Things to do in El Paso

  • El Paso Zoo  El Paso Zoo
    Is the perfect family outing when you are vacationing in El Paso.  The El Paso Zoo is situated on eighteen acres and is home to 240 species of animals.  All visitors will enjoy walking through the animal exhibits seeing the animals in their natural environment. The Zoo showcases animals in the Reptile House, Birds of Prey, South American Pavilion, Asian Grasslands, Elephant Complex, Asian Endangered Walk, Americas Aviary, Cisneros Paraje and Forest Atrium.  Visitors will see animals from around the world such as: Asia- where you can discover the endangered animals of Asia including Indochinese Tigers, Asian Elephants, Sumatran Orangutans, Siamangs, Malaysian Tapirs and the Zoo's largest & rarest animal the Amur Leopard from Russian and China.  Highlights of the Americas include: endangered Mexican Wolves, Spider Monkey exhibit featuring various species of animals living together and World of the Sea Lions.  El Paso Zoo will open their new African Lion exhibit in March, here visitors will see African Lions and three year old cubs that were born in 2007 at the Oklahoma City Zoo.  Also featured in the African Exhibit is the opening of the Masai Mara Research Station and Meerkat Exhibit.  This research station is powered by wind and solar energy showing how we can explore alternative energy sources at home.  Phase two of the African Exhibit will open this summer with exciting & new exhibits for Zebras, Giraffes, & Antelope and wetlands exhibit for waterfowl.  In additions to all of the amazing animal displays, the El Paso Zoo has several special events throughout the year.  While you are visiting El Paso be sure to visit El Paso Zoo and discover all the wonderful animals.

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  • Guadalupe Mountains National Park    Guadalupe Mountains National Park El Paso
    Is a beautiful scenic area.. in fact, the Guadalupe Peak is the highest elevation in Texas.  The barren appearance is very misleading there are several trees & an abundance of wildlife.  These massive mountains rise from the Chihuahuan Desert in western Texas, this mountain mass contains portions of the world's extensive Permian limestone fossil reef.  The mountain range features lofty peaks covered in unusual flora & fauna offering beautiful, vibrant colors.  Guadalupe Mountains National Park was established in September 1972.  This 86,000 acre park preserves a number of unique features such as: The Bowl- which is located in high country conifer forest, El Capitan-a massive limestone formation, McKittrick Canyon- featuring a beautiful display of unique flora and fauna, Guadalupe Peak- the highest point in Texas reaching heights of 8,749 feet.  Guadalupe Mountains National Park is open year round, offering plenty of outdoor activities including bird watching, camping & hiking with eighty-plus miles of trails ranging from easy to strenuous.  Trails are often steep and rugged, some trails lead to Guadalupe Peak or around the base of El Capitan, others up into the high country, across the top of escarpment  and into McKittrick Canyon.  Self-guided nature trails are located at McKittrick Canyon, Pinery Trail at Pine Springs and Indian Meadow Trail at Dog Canyon.   Bring all your own supplies there are none available inside the park.   If you are visiting during fall you will be treated to Magic in the Mountains- one of the most colorful displays of breathtaking autumn colors in the nation.  

January 11, 2011