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Things to do in Honolulu

  • USS Arizona Memorial  USS Arizona Memorial in Honolulu
    Is one of Hawaii's most visited attractions, welcoming over one and a half million visitors each year.  This popular Memorial was built in memory of the dead who drowned aboard the sinking USS Arizona.  In 1962, a memorial was opened which accommodates up to 3,000 visitors daily.   This historic Memorial was erected above the sunken battleship, today visitors can see large parts that project above the water.  The striking- white floating building has a large-open room where visitors gather.  As you finish touring the Memorial there is a shrine where the names of the 1,177 victims are displayed, including the commander & his deputy are engraved on a wall of Vermont marble.  Visitors can reach the Memorial through the Visitor Center.  The Visitor Center features several activities including; two movie theaters showing a short film about Pearl Harbor and the Japanese attack, exhibits reflecting the Pearl Harbor attack, a museum and bookstore.  Visitors who want to experience a narrated tour with audio headsets.  Here you can join the Pear Harbor Survivors as they tell their story remembering details from December 7, 1941 in a one hour audio tour narrated by Academy Award Winning actor & US Navy WWII veteran Ernest Borgnine.  This historic Memorial is located two miles from the Honolulu Airport on the island of Oahu.  This is the final resting place for many of the 1,177 crewmen killed on December 7, 1941 when their ship the USS Arizona was bombed by the Japanese Navel Forces.  This loss of life represents over half of the Americans killed on this this day, the worst naval disaster in American History.

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  • Bishop Museum and Planetarium    Bishop Museum and Planetarium in Honolulu
    Is a great place to take the family for the day.  The Bishop Museum is located near downtown Honolulu.  The Bishop Museum houses one of the best collections of Polynesian arts and artifacts in the state.  Their collection also includes an important collection of the feathered royal standards (kahilis) which served as flags for the past royalty. The Museum also highlights Hawaiian feathered capes and helmets along with a large collection of artifacts from the South Pacific.  The Bishop Museum also displays collections featuring objects brought by the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Portuguese, German and other early settlers.  Highlights of the Natural history exhibit include whaling artifacts and more.  In addition to all the amazing exhibits and artifacts, the building itself is stunning & dates back to 1889.  The staircases and display cases are constructed of rich woods and featured in the main display wing are original display cases lining the balconies that wrap around the multistoried atrium.  The Bishop Museum has three floors of permanent exhibits taking visitors on a Hawaiian journey through many different realms of Hawaii.  Featured on the first floor is the realm of Kai Akea- this exhibit represents the Hawaiian gods, beliefs, legends, and much more.  Moving on to the second floor Wao Kanaka- represents how the people of Hawaii live and work focusing on the importance of the land and nature through every day life.  And on the third floor Wao Lani- here visitors will learn about the Hawaiian gods and important moments in Hawaiian history.  Other highlights of the Bishop Museum include; Polynesian Hall-this large gallery consists of two floors representing the people of Pacific cultures including Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia.  Visitors can explore the Polynesian customs of the island, see authentic artifacts of ritual, daily life, clothing , religion, music and dance.  Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame- displays pictures and memorabilia reflecting outstanding accomplishments of Hawaii's sports history.  The Bishop Museum is also home to the Jhamandas Watumull Planetarium here visitors can see many fascinating exhibits including; looking at Earth while you are suspended in orbit 22,000 miles above the surface, or you can watch a hurricane form beginning as a small storm slowly gathering strength and traveling westward, across the Atlantic Ocean toward the Gulf of Mexico. Visitors off all ages will enjoy watching dust blow across the surface of Mars, observe our Sun erupting in a violent solar storms sending several streams of deadly particles and much more.  Visitors of all ages will enjoy visiting the Bishop Museum and Planetarium.

January 11, 2011