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Things to do in Milwaukee

  • Milwaukee Public Museum  Milwaukee Public Museum
    Is one of the largest Museums in the United States, so on your visit to Milwaukee plan on visiting the Milwaukee Public Museum.  The Museum has welcomed more than 500,000 visitors per year, and is conveniently located in downtown Milwaukee.  This large Museum of human and natural history provides a dynamic & stimulating environment for exploring and learning.  Since the Milwaukee Public Museum opened in 1882 with a small collection, the Museum today houses over six million specimens. The Museum's permanent collection is spread throughout three and a half floors of exhibit space.  Along with additional space for traveling and temporary exhibits.  While you tour the Museum's 150,000 square feet of exhibit space you will discover amazing exhibits as you visit; Asia, Africa, the Arctic, Europe, Pacific Islands, South & Middle America and a Costa Rican Rainforest.  Other highlights of the Milwaukee Public Museum include: turning time back to the turn-of-the-century Streets of Old Milwaukee and European Villages to ancient Mediterranean civilization. Or time travel back 65-million years to see the world's largest dinosaur skull and life-size replica of Tyrannosaurus Rex. And if you have ever wanted to stroll amongst free-flying butterflies from around the world you can experience this in The Puelicher Butterfly Wing.   Before you leave the Milwaukee Public Museum, be sure you don't miss the Planetarium and the IMAX Theater.  The Daniel M. Soref Planetarium is the largest and most modern in Wisconsin. The Planetarium's new Digistar 3 computer system fills the entire Dome with amazing 3-D images creating a one-of-a-kind astronomy experience.  During your show you will experience the Skies Over Milwaukee, breathtaking vistas of the night sky, planets, the Milky Way, discover the distance between various planets & the moon and different constellations.  Everyone will enjoy the Humphrey IMAX Dome.  To see a movie in IMAX is the ultimate experience... featuring crystal-clear images projected on a six-story-tall screen complete with digital surround sound.  Watching a film in the Humphrey IMAX Dome makes you feel as though you are right in the center of the film.  Visitors will enjoy experiencing the weightlessness of space, climbing Everest or diving into the undersea world to see amazing sea creatures. 
    Grab the family, and spend the day at one of the largest museums in the United States while you are visiting Milwaukee.

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Milwaukee General Mitchell Intl Airport  - 5300 S. Howell Ave

  • Mitchell Park Conservatory " The Domes"    Mitchell Park Conservatory Milwaukee
    Is one of Milwaukee's living landmarks, so any visitors who are passionate about plants should not miss a visit to The Domes at Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory.  Visitors of all ages will experience a Desert Oasis, a beautiful Tropical Jungle and Special Floral Gardens all in one afternoon along with an amazing light show in the evening.  When visitors visit The Domes, they will have a better appreciation for the Earth's unique diversity of plant and animal species.  All of which are very vital to our own survival...  Come to the deserts of Africa, Madagascar, North America and South America in the Arid Dome.  Here visitors will see one of the worlds finest collections of cacti, succulents are (plants that can store water) & water conserving trees, shrubs and arid land bulbs.  Along with an Oasis of Pampas Grass and desert palms that lead you to paths that take you past several species of plants, subtle colors and unique adaptations to the hot, dry habitats.   Next, is the Floral Show Dome-when you enter this floral themed exhibit you will experience displays of vibrant colored gardens.  Throughout the year five seasonal displays will amaze and delight you with their beauty & bright colors.  In fact, these amazing displays may even inspire your own gardens.  It takes many talents to transform these specific themes into the final product.  This can take anywhere from 8 to 10 working days to complete.  The Floral Show Dome provides stunning, serene settings which are captured by various artists & photographers, used by students learning about flowering plants and duplicated by visitors in their own gardens.  The Floral Show Dome offers beauty and inspiration for all who visit.  Last, is the Tropical Dome- Did you know? Tropical Rainforests cover five continents, are home to more than fifteen-million species of plants & animals and is Earth's most productive and diverse ecosystem.  When you visit the Tropical Dome you will encounter over 1,200 species of tropical plants, a few tropical birds and many other rainforest products including; banana, avocado, star fruit, tapioca, cocoa/chocolate and macadamia nuts. Also found here are Spices & Flavorings such as; vanilla, black pepper, cardamom and turmeric.  Well recognized plants that we have in our home & office for decoration include; orchids, ferns, philodendrons and many others.   Don't forget when the sun goes down to experience The Dome of Light...

January 11, 2011