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Things to do in New Orleans

  • French Quarter   The French Quarter in New Orleans
    Is a must see when you are visiting New Orleans.  The French Quarter in New Orleans is one of the most famous & oldest neighborhoods in the city of New Orleans.  The French Quarter today is referred to as The Quarter by local residents, this popular area is a National Historic Landmark containing several historic buildings.  In 2005, the majority of New Orleans was flooded after Hurricane Katrina.  Luckily the French Quarter and other parts of New Orleans that were built before the late 19th century remained some what dry while some streets experienced serious  flooding.  Many of the major landmarks suffered only minor damage and today have re-opened, the Mayor of New Orleans officially re-opened the French Quarter on September 26, 2005.  Within approximately one month a large selection of French Quarter businesses were back open...  Popular attractions & landmarks include; Jackson Square this large, open park which is larger than the size of a large city block, is located right in the center of the French Quarter.  This historic square is named after the Battle of New Orleans and is named in honor of  General Andrew Jackson.   Here visitors can see an equestrian statue of Andrew Jackson set directly in the center of the Park.  Located on the opposite side of the square from the Mississippi River are three 18th century historic buildings which were the heart of the city during the colonial era.  In the center of the three historic buildings is St. Louis Cathedral, this historic Cathedral was designated a historical basilica by Pope Paul VI.  Located to the left of St. Louis Cathedral is The Cabildo, the old City Hall which is now a Museum.  And to the right of the St. Louis Cathedral is The Presbytere.  The Presbytere was turned into a local Courthouse in the beginning of the 19th century and later turned into a Museum during the 20th century.  Additional popular landmarks are located on the other two sides of the square such as the Pontalba Buildings which are easily recognized by their matching red-brick, 4-story tall  buildings that were built in the 1840's.  Located in the Pontalba Building are restaurants & shops on the ground floor and apartments above  which are the oldest & continuously rented apartments in the United States.  The entire French Quarter and the square are usually filled with live music & several street parties which have continued for more than a century.  Located diagonally across the square from the Cabildo is the must visit Cafe' du Monde which is open 24 hours a day and is well known for serving cafe' au lait which means coffee spiced with chicory served with beignets.  The Cafe' du Monde has  served the local residents & visitors since the 19th century.  If this is your first time experiencing cafe' au lait, it is customary to blow the powered sugar onto the first timer while making a wish...  To complete your visit to the French Quarter you should visit one of the most famous French Quarter streets, Bourbon Street or as the locals call it  Rue Bourbon.  Bourbon Street is famous for its large variety of  drinking establishments.   The Quarter also has a number of notable bars with fascinating histories such as; Pat O'Brien's Bar which is famous & well known for inventing the Hurricane cocktail and for having the first Dueling Piano Bar.  Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop this local tavern was built sometime before 1772 and is one of the older still standing structures in New Orleans.  Legend has it this structure was once owned by the pirate Jean Lafitte.  The Napoleon House Bar & Restaurant is the former home of mayor Nicholas Girod. Last is the original Johnny White's Bar this is a favorite of bikers...

Thrifty Car Rental New Orleans, Louisiana

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  • Honey Island Swamp Tours    Honey Island Swamp Tours in New Orleans
    Is a great way to spend the day when you are visiting New Orleans.  If this is your first trip to New Orleans, you will want to experience a relaxing trip on one of the most natural unaltered  river swamps in the country.  Visitors of all ages will enjoy taking a journey into the swamplands of Louisiana.  While traveling on the river visitors will see wild moss hanging on large Cypress trees as you slowly travel into one of the wildest & most pristine river swamps in America.  Honey Island Swamp gets its name from the honeybees once seen on the nearby island.  Honey Island is approximately twenty miles long.  Honey Island is unique, due to being untouched in it's original, natural condition.  When you take your narrated nature tour you will venture into the 250-square mile Honey Island Swamp...  Just short of 70,000 acres of protected wildlife,  making Honey Island Louisiana's first Nature Preserve.  Visitors will have a fantastic opportunity to see an abundance of wildlife on your tour, in fact you will travel along some of the richest wildlife stretches of the river and of Honey Island.  Visitors won't even have to leave the boat...  Highlights of your tour include seeing; turtles, red wolf, owls, otter, beaver, frogs, deer, alligators, raccoon, there has even been sightings of a Florida cougar !!! along with many species of exotic birds who make the swamp their home, there is an active Bald Eagle nest which has occupied the swamp since 1910....  There are approximately 1,000,000 alligators in Louisiana and the population continues to grow.   Honey Island Swamp Tours have been taking people on unique tours since 1982, using smaller boats which are great for deep access into the heart of  Honey Island.  When you tour Honey Island  its easy to see why this is a fisherman's paradise.  The local fisherman catch bluegill, largemouth bass, redear sunfish and warmouth.  Other fish found in the swamp are; alligator gar, flathead catfish, freshwater drum and buffalo fish.  In addition to the fish thousands of pounds of crawfish are caught in these waters each season. 
    The next time you are in New Orleans, be sure to visit Honey Island to experience a  unique wildlife tour of your own.  This is a great way to see and discover a piece of New Orleans.      

January 11, 2011